Introduction to FTS

FTS Established in January 2019, Fast Testing Services (FTS) provides educational and recruitment services to colleges, universities, companies, public organizations and other academic institutions. However, our services also include training and development programs for the students and employees of an organization. Hiring of the right person for a right position for a right organization is particularly challenging Job in a technologically based environment, it needs a unique brand of technical, professional and innovative skills. FTS has been established to undertake the responsibility of testing and assessment of institutions across the Pakistan. FTS is a professional Company that offers unique solutions and services with potentiality and its main focus on providing high quality arrangements.

FTS is now playing an essential role in supporting merit & quality education at college and university level. FTS always attempts for superiority and confirms quality, efficiency, reliability, accuracy, and most significantly credibility for entire system in a transparent manner under severe safety activities. FTS also conducts valuation test for recruitment in public & private organizations all over the Pakistan.

Fast Testing Service test portion qualities such as general mental ability ,critical thinking, problem solving , communication skills , understanding and grip on specialized subjects of the candidates which are required for further development in every discipline . These tests aim to assess more than knowledgeable ability and have added value. Such test distinguish candidates on the basis of mental functions and personality, independent of social class and schooling.

Executive Director's Message

Fast Testing Service (FTS) is an independent, autonomous, and professional testing organization conducts Entrance Tests, Recruitment Test, Examinations & Assessment Test in a free and fair manner. FTS is registered under section 32 of The Companies Ordinance, 1984 as a PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY. Our aim is to facilitate people in finding suitable jobs. We are trying to build a platform for qualified youth who are seeking to choose a career as well as professionals seeking to enhance their qualification through formal university education.

The FTS site mirrors our solid IT based technology and forthcoming achievements. It has been able to develop and investigate new roads for enhancing testing and appraisal framework. We are thoroughly rehearsing most recent advancements and learning inventive methods such as ONLINE TESTING to grow new testing items.

The FTS is established to promote transparency in educational institutions by conducting fair and transparent tests/examinations in private as well as public Sectors. This will provide the creative quality, groom their personality, increase a sense of responsibility, confidence, commitment, and enthusiastic approach towards their professions and society. This initiative will bring a new way forward to better competition among institutions as well as students to strive for their respective positions. The test papers will be prepared by the Experts in the area of their specializations. Best quality of paper used for questions paper. FTS will trained its invigilators before assigning them duties in the tests/examinations.

We have an unequivocal belief that our organizational culture coupled with commitment and professionalism of our people, is pivotal to driving excellence and delivering results. we foster an environment that is conducive to generating the best possible results by following a resilient leadership development model. We celebrate achievement together and rely on teamwork when it comes to formulating future strategies. Our vision is to make your future bright and successful and make your today’s dreams become tomorrow’s reality.

Mr Hussain Ahmed Baloch
Executive Director Fast Testing service

Our Objective

To conduct test in professional & academics in government, Semi-government and private sectors on standard based and fair result of test for fully merit. To establish, maintain, conduct, provide, procure or make available services of every kind for conducting the examinations for recruitment in employment, in Government, Semi Government and private sectors, further for conducting tests for admissions in professional colleges, universities etc. or other services.

FTS Provides educational and recruitment services to colleges, universities, companies, public organizations and other academic institutions

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